What is the PR Cell Shape Technique?

Victoria Day Spa proudly presents the newest addition to our spa services and the latest in body contouring technology.

The PR Cell 2G is a remarkably effective body sculpting system, combining deep subdermal suction massage with the French technique of “Palper-Rouler”.

It draws the skin up and gently rolls it to release lymphatic blockage and soften the connective tissue that causes the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

PR Cell 2G’s action is on the skin’s fat cells, lymphatic fluids and reticular fibers and releases trapped fat to restore the skin’s smooth appearance.

The P.R. Shape Technique is Ideal for Women and Men who:

  • Live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, yet still wish to improve their shape.
  • Struggle with diet and exercise resistant fat pockets.
  • Are predisposed to cellulite and have not achieved significant results with cosmetic products.

Call the spa to schedule your session package. With multiple technologies at your fingertips, impressive results are now possible.

Session Package Pricing:

{One Session $90}

{Six Sessions $450}